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Best budget camping quilt in the UK

Best budget camping quilt in the UK

If you’ve had enough of spending the night tangled up in a straight-jacket, it might be time to ditch the sleeping bag and try a quilt. The problem is that a lot of camping quilts are really expensive, as you can see from our article Camping quilts available in the UK where we looked at a range of quilts – some with huge price tags. If you want to spend under £100 then we believe the OneTigris Sleeping Quilt is quite possibly the best budget camping quilt in the UK. Let’s take a look at the spec.

Best budget camping quilt in the UK – OneTigris Sleeping Quilt

What does it cost:

200cm (6.5ft) x 85cm (2.8ft)

35cm x 20cm (13.7” x 7.8”)

Best budget camping quilt in the UK

Outer: 20D Ripstop Nylon
Lining: 380T Polyester Pongee
Filling: SEE® Polyester
Zips: YKK® Zippers

1kg (35.2oz)

OneTigris say 3 seasons, however people we’ve spoken to say more like 2 season use in the UK.

Temperature rating:
OneTigris don’t give a rating breakdown such as ‘Comfort’, ‘Limit’ or ‘Extreme’, they simply say
“Suitable temperature” 5°C-15°C (41°F-59°F).


Where can I buy it:

Best budget camping quilt in the UK


We think the OneTigris Sleeping Quilt is a great buy. Like many camping quilts, this one can also be pretty much used as a sleeping bag if it gets chilly, yet can be opened up on warmer camps. There are a couple of things to consider…

The quilt has a synthetic filling which means it is heavier than some down quilts, but at the same time it’s still pretty lightweight. However, the main advantage of synthetic over down is price – synthetic is cheaper. The other advantage of synthetic is that it performs better if it gets wet… get it soaked and it should still keep you warm, even when compared to hydrophobic down (down that is treated to effectively make it more water resistant). If you have an untreated down quilt and it gets soaking wet, you’re screwed, but not with synthetic – it will still retain some warmth. This is a pretty important consideration if you are camping somewhere where you can’t simply jump in your car and go home should your shelter leak.

Another point to consider is the season rating. We doubt the OneTigris Sleeping Quilt would be any use for 3 seasons, unless you had a warm blanket with you. So you could buy this for 2 season use, and supplement it with a warm blanket in colder months.

Is this the Best budget camping quilt in the UK? Well there are not many around for under £100 (unless you include non-ethical, non-RDS down which we don’t include). However, if you’re looking to try a camping quilt this summer, then the OneTigris Sleeping Quilt might be a great option.

It may be worth you checking out what other camping quilts are available on Amazon too. IMPORTANT: If you’re going to buy one with down filling please ensure the down is ethically sourced down (RDS certified, or CODEX approved).

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