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Camping quilts available in the UK – updated 2023

Camping quilts available in the UK

Fed up with spending sleepless nights tangled up in your sleeping bag? You’re not alone. There seems to be a growing number of campers who have had enough of being trussed up all night. Thankfully, there are quite a few sleeping bag alternatives on the market nowadays: pods, beds, blankets, quilts, etc. Today we are going to look at camping quilts, and compare the specs of the camping quilts available in the UK.

We have also included a few sleeping bags that open out fully to use as a quilt. These are really versatile because you can use them open as a quilt in summer and zip them partially (to create a foot box), or fully, around yourself when it gets chilly. You can also use them fully open with a blanket or sleeping bag liner – great for the changeable temperatures in the UK.

We have only included camping quilts that use either ethically sourced down (such as RDS certified, or CODEX approved) or synthetic fillings.

Camping quilts available in the UK – a comparison

We have compared the key features of the following camping quilts:

  • Alpkit Cloud Cover
  • Exped Versa Quilt
  • Featherstone Moondance Down Quilt
  • Mountain Equipment Helium Quilt
  • OneTigris Featherlite Ultralight Quilt
  • Outdoor Vitals Down Quilt
  • Outwell Snooze Single – opens fully to use as a quilt
  • Rab Outpost 700 – opens fully to use as a quilt
  • Therm-A-Rest Vesper +7 UL Quilt
  • UGQ Bandit – custom made
  • Vaude Navajo 900 – opens fully to use as a quilt
IMPORTANT: If you’re going to buy a camping quilt that has down filling please ensure the down is ethically sourced (such as RDS certified, or CODEX approved) – and not cruelly plucked from live birds. It should say so in the product description/spec when you’re buying. If it doesn’t say, it probably isn’t, so avoid. ALL the down quilts listed on our site use ethically sourced down.


  • The quilts are listed alphabetically.
  • Most of the quilts featured are in stock in the UK. The only one that isn’t is the UGQ Bandit, but we just had to include this as it is custom made with a whole bunch of features you can choose from. You can order it from the US to be delivered to the UK – check out their site for details about this.
  • We struggled to obtain the correct specs for some of the quilts due to the usual problems with conflicting information from suppliers/retailers. We think we got there in the end though. We have included what data we could find from the various manufacturers. Some manufacturers give good detailed information, some give nothing and some give something in between.
  • Length: Some manufacturers give the actual length of the quilt, whereas some give the maximum height of the person that the quilt is suitable for. In the table below you may see “Fits up to” which means the duvet is suitable for someone up to that height.
  • Width: Some manufactures give the width of the quilt (just measuring it straight across), whereas some give the girth, so bear that in mind.
  • Temp rating: Some manufacturers give the ‘comfort’ rating, some give ‘limit’ and some give ‘extreme’. Some give all three. Some give none.









Alpkit Cloud Cover

750+ Down IDFB PFC-free hydrophobic RDS certified ethically sourced goose down



Top - 130cm  Bottom - 95cm

Not given

Exped Versa Quilt

650+ Down cu in (EN-Norm) europ. duck down 90/10, RDS certified ethically sourced


210 cm (Fits up to 195cm)

Top - 135cm Bottom - 135cm

Comfort: 10C
Limit: 5C
Extreme: -7C

Featherstone Moondance

Down Quilt

DOWNTEK PFC-FREE Water Repellent 850 Fill Power Duck Down, RDS certified ethically sourced



Top - 147cm Bottom - not given

Comfort: Not given
Limit: -3C
Extreme: Not given

Mountain Equipment Helium Quilt

700 Down 90-10 Pure Duck Down. DOWN CODEX approved ethically sourced



Not given

Not given

OneTigris Featherlite Ultralight Quilt

SEE@ Polyester





Outdoor Vitals Down Quilt

Stormloft down:  800+ fill power


Long/wide or Regular. Dimensions not given.

Long/wide or Regular. Dimensions not given.


Outwell Snooze Single - opens fully to use as a quilt

1750g Isofill


Length 225cm (Fits up to 195cm)


Ratings when used as a quilt, not given

Outpost 700 - opens fully to use as a quilt

Outpost 700 - opens fully to use as a quilt

650FP European Duck Down with Nikwax Fluorocarbon-Free Hydrophobic Finish (700g / 24.7oz)



Girth 160cm

Rab Sleep Limit: -5°C (25°F)

Vesper +7 UL Quilt

900 Fill Goose Nikwax Hydrophobic Down, RDS


390g LONG

Fits up to 183cm REGULAR

Fits up to 198cm LONG

REGULAR Shoulder girth: 147cm
Hip girth: 130cm
Footbox girth: 94cm

LONG Shoulder girth: 155cm
Hip girth: 137cm
Footbox girth: 102cm

Comfort: 11C
Limit: 7C

UGQ Bandit down quilt - Custom made

Ultima 800 fill power duck down;
Ultima 850 fill power goose down;
Ultima 950 fill power goose down.
All RDS certified ethically sourced.

Depends on the options you choose

Numerous choices

Numerous choices

Numerous choices

Vaude Navajo 900 - opens fully to use as a quilt

Two-layer synthetic fiber fill




Comfort: 2 °C
Limit: -3 °C
Extreme: -20 °C

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So that’s it – a cracking of great camping quilts available in the UK. Treat yourself to one of these and you should hopefully have a warm, comfortable and tangle-free night. We’ve tried to include a range of camping quilts to suit all budgets (and weight requirements), with the OneTigris Featherlite Ultralight Quilt being at the budget end. The UGQ Bandit is at the upper end… but you get what you pay for – UGQ make exceptional custom quilts that are light, packable and warm. If you want a camping quilt that will double as a sleeping bag in colder weather check out the Vaude Navajo 900, Rab Outpost 700 and Outwell Snooze Single. As mentioned, we love the versatility of these, particularly when paired with a blanket.

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The specs in our articles have been compiled on a best effort basis from research on the manufacturers’ own websites, and on other websites selling the products. We do not guarantee the data we have given is correct and cannot be held responsible for incorrect information. Always do your own spec checks before making a purchase.