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Naturehike Cloud Peak 2 – updated

Naturehike Cloud Peak 2

The Naturehike Cloud Peak 2 has been around a while now and it’s proving to be a really popular tent. It is a spacious, freestanding, two door dome tent that is suitable for all but the worst weather, oh and it comes in at a great price. Today, we’ll take a look at what is turning out to be a bit of a classic budget(ish) tent that is great for campsites, wild-camping and short backpacking trips. First off, let’s run through the spec and main features of the Naturehike Cloud Peak 2.

Naturehike Cloud Peak 2 spec and features

2.1kg / 4 lbs 10 oz (outer, inner and poles). 2.5kg / 5 lbs 8 oz if you factor in the pegs/stakes, guy lines and footprint. This tent cannot be called ultralight, however it is fine for short wild-camping and backpacking trips, especially if there is two of you to split the load.

Outer: 210cm (6’11”) long x 274cm (9’) wide x 105cm (3’5”) high
Inner: 210cm (6’11”) long x 130cm (4’3”) wide (head end) / 120cm (3’11”) wide (foot end) x inner height not actually specified

7001 7mm aluminum poles. It’s worth noting here too that the Cloud Peak has an exoskeleton design, meaning the poles are on the outside. This allows you to attach the additional guy lines we mention later in this article and helps the sil-nylon flysheet stay taut when it gets wet. Having to tighten a nylon fly when it gets wet can be a bit of a pain for some people, so this feature is another plus.

Outer: 20D silicone-coated nylon. Inner: B3 mesh upper (about 50% of the inner is mesh). 20D silicone-coated nylon bathtub floor.

Outer: 4000mm HH
Floor: 4000mm HH

What’s included:

Naturehike Cloud Peak 2 what's included


All in one – great for wet weather.

3 (more on this later in the article)

Inner mesh percentage:
The inner is roughly 50% mesh. Ideal for 3 season use.

Doors and porches/vestibules:
There are two doors and two vestibules – lovely on a hot evening, allowing air to flow through the tent with the doors open. Two doors are also ideal if there are two of you in the tent – you won’t be climbing over each other in the night. If you’re alone, or you know your camping partner really well and they’re happy with you climbing over them in the night(!), you can also use the two vestibules for different things – for example one to stash muddy boots & wet gear and the other for cooking or getting a brew on.

If you are looking to buy the Naturehike Cloud Peak 2 and want the best price and quick delivery we’d suggest you check out Amazon. In our experience, they have good customer service too, especially if you’re on Prime.

Naturehike Cloud Peak 2 – Amazon UK – CHECK PRICE

Naturehike Cloud Peak 2 – Amazon US – CHECK PRICE

Naturehike Cloud Peak 2 in action

Naturehike Cloud Peak 2 upgrade

There are talks of a Naturehike Cloud Peak 2 upgrade, but as yet we have no information about it. As soon as we find something out, we’ll publish it.

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Is the Naturehike Cloud Peak 2 a 4 season tent?

We would say no, the Naturehike Cloud Peak 2 is not a 4 season tent. We would class it as a 3 season tent:

  • The outer does not come down to the ground. This means the wind, rain and snow can get it. In wild storms the wind could even try to lift your tent off the floor. You don’t want that. Tents with outers that don’t reach the ground are generally designed that way to allow extra ventilation… not really something you want when it’s freezing cold and snowing. You do want some ventilation, even in winter, but generally you’d want that just to be provided by vents higher up the tent.
  • The poles are only 7mm and the build of the tent, whilst being great for the price, is probably not up to the stormy weather that can blow in over winter, particularly if you’re at altitude. You could look at upgrading the poles to 9mm, though it might be worth checking with Naturehike to get their opinion on this – as to whether they think upgrading the poles will affect the tent’s performance in any way.
  • Finally, the inner is roughly 50% mesh. For a true 4 season tent, you’d probably looking at having more of a solid inner for warmth.

Naturehike Cloud Peak 2 reviews

If you’re looking for further Naturehike cloud peak 2 reviews, look no further than Youtube, where you’ll find some great videos on the Cloud Peak 2 in action. Also check out our Naturehike Cloud Up vs Cloud Peak vs Mongar article for further information and Naturehike tent comparisons.

Is the Naturehike cloud peak 2 suitable for tall people?

Tallish, is probably the right answer here. We would say that if you’re over about 6’1″ (185cm) you’ll be touching the ends of the inner tent. So it depends what you are comfortable with.

Some tall people are fine with sleeping diagonally in a tent to get round this problem. Others don’t mind if their head or feet touch the end of the tent fabric. Remember that the thickness of your sleep pad affects this – the thicker your pad, the more likely you are to hit the sloping ends of the tent.

There is reasonable height in the inner, so tallish people should be able to sit up ok.

Naturehike Cloud Peak 2 vs Hilleberg

Of course, the Cloud Peak can’t compete with a Hilleberg, but it doesn’t claim to. Let’s just say, you get what you pay for. If you’re on a budget then the Naturehike Cloud Peak 2 is a good option to consider. However, if you’re looking for a top notch tent that is reliable, well built, made from top of the range materials and will last a lifetime, you won’t go far wrong with a Hilleberg… but you need pretty deep pockets. We did a Naturehike Cloud Peak 2 vs Hilleberg Allak 2 spec comparison a while ago. Check it out.

Is there a Naturehike Cloud Peak 3 tent?

There isn’t such as tent as the Naturehike Cloud Peak 3 at the moment. However, watch this space. There is talk of a Cloud Peak 3 and we believe it would be a really popular tent for couples, or single users who like a palace to camp in.

How does the Naturehike Cloud Peak 2 handle wind?

There is no official Naturehike Cloud Peak 2 wind test results. However, the Cloud Peak 2 has proven to do well in reasonably windy conditions, but it’s unlikely to be suitable for winter mountain conditions. As mentioned above, it only has 7mm poles which could struggle in high, gusty wind. You could try adding some extra guy lines to increase stability.

Naturehike Cloud Peak 2 door

Does the Cloud Peak 2 come with a drop down door or tie back?

There seems to be a little confusion about this. Whether your tent comes with a drop down or tie back door seems to depend on the stockist and the version they’ve been sent by Naturehike. There are versions for sale with a drop down door (circular zip), and versions with a side tie-back (T-zips). Even Naturehike’s own listing on Amazon contains photos with both doors. Check carefully when you buy and if you want to be certain, you can always contact the retailer before parting with your cash. At the time of writing, our site gives links to both types on Amazon.

Where can I buy the Naturehike Cloud Peak 2?

Naturehike Cloud Peak 2 – Amazon UK – CHECK PRICE

Naturehike Cloud Peak 2 – Amazon US – CHECK PRICE

Naturehike Cloud Peak 2 – Summary

So there you have it. A really decent and well respected tent for the price. If you’re looking for a 3 season budget/mid-range tent, the Naturehike Cloud Peak 2 is certainly worth considering. It has most of the features you’d look for in a 3 season dome tent: reasonable weight, spacious, aluminium poles, sil-nylon fabrics, a decent waterproof rating, is freestanding, pitches all-in-one, great ventilation with 50% mesh inner, 2 doors/porches and more. If you’re interested, check out our Naturehike tents article which takes a look at all their most popular tents.

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