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New Lanshan 1 (Lanshan 1 Plus) compared to the old Lanshan 1

new Lanshan 1

The new Lanshan 1 has a larger inner in comparison to the previous version. WARNING: If you value your sanity, read no further!

As you may be aware, 3F UL Gear have launched a new version of their much loved Lanshan 1. Some are calling it the Lanshan 1 Plus, though it doesn’t appear to have an ‘official’ name on the 3F UL Gear website – they have simply replaced the old version with the new version. However, on Alibaba you can buy both old and new versions of the tent. It can all get a little confusing. Now you can buy the Lanshan 1; Lanshan 1 Pro; Lanshan 1 with choice of inners; Lanshan 1 Plus; Lanshan 2; Lanshan 2 Pro… On top of all that there are 3-season and 4-season versions of some of the inners. Is there a new Lanshan 1 Pro Plus coming out? Will we see a new Lanshan 2 Plus or a Lanshan 2 Pro Plus? Who knows! In some regards we hope not, or we’ll have to sit here writing another brain-frying article.

The key difference of the new Lanshan 1 compared to the old version is that the new Lanshan 1 simply has a larger inner:

The old Lanshan 1 inner dimensions: 210cm x 75cm
The new Lanshan 1 inner dimensions: 230cm x 80cm

new Lanshan 1 dimensions

The outer apparently hasn’t changed, so we are wondering whether there is still enough of a gap between the new Lanshan 1 inner and the outer to allow for decent airflow.

Tall people always found the old Lanshan 1 too small. So, is the new version now big enough for tall people? No. The problem tall people have with the Lanshan tents is that the walls slope steeply. When you get a sleeping mat in there and your sleeping bag, if you are 6’2”+, then your face and feet will be likely touching the walls – even with the increased size of the inner. Yes, you can use it, but you might find it a bit annoying and end up sleeping diagonally.

There seems to be a bit of discussion around whether the new Lanshan 1 weighs more or the same as the old version, and whether the fabrics have changed. As far as we know the fabrics have not changed. Whether the weight has changed depends on which version of the Lanshan you are comparing it to.

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Here is the spec of the Lanshan 1, according to 3F UL Gear’s website:

2.05 lb / 32.8 oz / 930 g

90.55in (L) x 31.50 in (H) / 230 cm (L) x 80 cm (H)

Fly: 15 D Silicon coated nylon
Inner tent: 20 D mesh
Bottom: 20 D Silicon coated nylon
Zipper: 3#YKK


This confusion about the specs must surely be hurting 3F’s sales. We know of a few people who would not buy any of their tents simply because they can’t be bothered wading through the web trying to work out what version to buy. That’s a real shame because 3f do seem to make some great budget backpacking gear.

“Retail is detail” as the saying goes. Tent manufacturers should provide the following for all the versions of their tents:

Outer dimensions
Inner dimensions
Outer fabrics and hydrostatic head
Inner fabrics and hydrostatic head
Bathtub floor fabric and hydrostatic head
Footprint(s) fabric and hydrostatic head
Clear weights of each tent model and components
The list goes on…

If manufacturers don’t provide that information, and importantly, ensure all their sales channels update their info too, then they just create confusion, which can result in a loss of consumer confidence.

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If you buy the Lanshan 1 from 3F UL themselves, then it looks like you’ll automatically get the new Lanshan 1 which has a larger inner. If you buy the Lanshan 1 from other stores, then be careful to check the size of the inner for the one you’re actually buying. The confusion is coming from the fact that some sellers on sites like Alibaba still have the old version on the Lanshan 1. Some have both versions, and are therefore referring to them as either the Lanshan 1 Plus, or simply allowing you to choose the inner size.

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