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OEX Hyena II Tunnel Tent

OEX Hyena II Tunnel Tent

The OEX Hyena II Tunnel Tent is a tent introduced for the 2023 season by OEX. It’s a budget tent and seems to be worth a look. This tent is perhaps ideal for someone who is looking to get into wild-camping and camping at campsites.

For the price, the tent is made from decent quality materials and has an interior aimed at accommodating two people, along with their gear. In our view you’re really looking at this tent being for one person plus gear. Let’s check out the tent’s key features.

OEX Hyena II Tunnel Tent – design and features

The Hyena II features a range of design elements and features that make it a reliable and practical choice for basic camping trips.

Tent materials

The tent is made from good quality materials that are designed to withstand all but the harshest UK weather conditions. The flysheet is made from 68D polyester with a waterproof rating of 4000mm, while the groundsheet is made from 150D polyester with a waterproof rating of 5000mm. The tent also features a breathable inner tent made from 68D polyester, which helps to prevent condensation build-up inside the tent.

Tent poles

The tent is supported by fibre glass poles.

Tent weight

The OEX Hyena II Tunnel Tent weighs 3kg. This isn’t bad at all, but probably too heavy for a multi-night backpacking trip. It’s more suited to a quick overnighter such as a local wild camp or for use on a campsite. If there’s two of you then you can split the weight so you can carry it much further.

Tent dimensions

The OEX Hyena II Tunnel Tent is designed to accommodate up to two people, but as mentioned earlier, in reality it’s suitable for one person plus gear.

Outer: 310x 130x 115 cm
Inner: 210x 120x 80 cm

Ventilation system

The tent features a decent ventilation system that helps to regulate the temperature and reduce condensation inside the tent. The tent has two large vents at the front and rear, which allow for excellent airflow. The inner tent also features a mesh panel that provides additional ventilation and helps to keep insects out.

Ease of setup

The OEX Hyena II Tunnel Tent is designed to be easy to set up and take down, making it an excellent choice for campers who are perhaps new to pitching tents. The tent comes with clear instructions that are easy to follow, and the colour-coded poles make it simple to identify which pole goes where.

One person can easily set up the tent in around 10-15 minutes, while two people working together can have it up in even less time. The tent features a simple two-pole tunnel design that ensures stability in windy conditions.

The flysheet is also designed to be easy to attach to the poles, so you don’t have to spend ages fiddling around with it.

Overall, the OEX Hyena II Tunnel Tent is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a tent that is easy to set up, even if you’re not an experienced camper. The clear instructions and colour-coded poles make it simple to put together.

Weather resistance

The OEX Hyena II is designed to withstand various weather conditions. This section discusses the tent’s weather resistance in terms of waterproofing, wind resistance and durability.


The Hyena II has a hydrostatic head rating of 5000mm, which means it should be able to withstand heavy rain without leaking. The tent’s flysheet is made of 75D polyester with a PU coating, which provides excellent waterproofing. Additionally, the tent’s seams are taped to prevent water from seeping through. The tent’s groundsheet is also strong and waterproof ensuring that occupants stay dry even in wet conditions.

Wind resistance

The OEX Hyena II is designed to withstand fair winds, but we wouldn’t recommend this tent for use up a mountain where winds can gust even when no wind is forecast. For the price, the tent has a stable tunnel design with two poles, which provides excellent stability in fairly windy conditions. Remember also that budget tents can be a bit ‘flappy’ in winds too.

OEX Hyena II Tunnel Tent – comfort and convenience

The OEX Hyena II Tunnel Tent is designed to provide a comfortable and convenient camping experience. This section will focus on the interior space, storage, and accessories of the tent.

Interior space

The Hyena II Tunnel Tent offers a spacious interior, with enough room to comfortably sleep one person plus gear, or two people at a push. The tent also has a large door and two windows that can be opened or closed as needed to control airflow and temperature.

The OEX Hyena II Tunnel Tent is not really be suitable for tall people. As always with tents, even though the inner says 210cm in length, when you factor in your sleeping mat and slope of the end of the tent, your feet will be pressed against the inner material if you’re much over 6ft tall.


The Hyena II Tunnel Tent has several storage options to help keep the interior organised and clutter-free. The tent features a fairly large vestibule at the front, which provides additional storage space for gear, shoes, and other camping essentials. The vestibule also has a built-in groundsheet, which helps to keep the interior clean and dry.

The tent’s interior also has pockets and loops, which can be used to store smaller items such as phones, torches and water bottles. These storage options help to keep essential items within easy reach and prevent them from getting lost or damaged.

OEX Hyena II Tunnel Tent – price and value

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We reckon the Hyena II is a good quality tent that offers excellent value for money. The tent is priced competitively and is an affordable option for those looking for a reliable and durable tent for their outdoor adventures.

Despite being priced affordably, the OEX Hyena II Tunnel Tent does not compromise on quality. The tent is made from decent quality materials that are designed to withstand the elements and provide a comfortable shelter for its users. It’s absolutely perfect for a first time wild camper who plans to pitch somewhere that isn’t too wild or extreme.


The Hyena does weigh 3kg, so it’s probably not a tent you’d want to carry too far. If you are interested in a lighter tent, check out our OneTigris Tetra 130 vs 160 article, or our Trekking pole tents available in the UK article for some great options.

Another OEX shelter that’s certainly worth checking out is the OEX Bobcat 1 tent.

Finally, if you’re looking for a hot tent check out our article on the OneTigris Conifer Canvas Tent: The Ultimate Winter Camping Solution?

In terms of value, the OEX Hyena II Tunnel Tent is an excellent investment for those who enjoy camping and outdoor activities, particularly beginners.

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