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OneTigris Cosmitto backpacking tent

OneTigris Cosmitto backpacking tent

OneTigris are well known for making great quality, affordable tents/shelters that are ideal for activities such as bushcraft and hot-tenting in winter. They’ve never really been big in the backpacking sector… until now – Introducing the OneTigris Cosmitto backpacking tent. Of course, some of their other tents can be, and often are, used for backpacking, but the Cosmitto seems to be the first tent that OneTigris have labelled as a backpacking tent, as such.

OneTigris Cosmitto backpacking tent

2 person OneTigris Cosmitto backpacking tent spec:

Intended for how many people:

5.4lb (2.45kg)

Being 2.4kg it isn’t going to compete in the ultralight sector, however, many people are happy to take a tent that is 2.4kg. It’s a roomy tent for one person and if there are two people, they can split the load when on the trail.


The OneTigris website says: 7.2ft4.3ft3.6ft/2.2m1.3m1.1m

Most tent manufacturers give the LxWxH dimensions of both the outer and the inner. However, OneTigris has not done that. The dimensions are not broken down into outer and inner which is frustrating. If you are over 6’ tall this kind of detail really matters.

The inner and outer won’t be the same size or they’d be touching. A tent’s inner is generally a bit smaller than the outer, so as to leave a gap between the inner and the outer. This allows for airflow and helps avoid water ingress.

The tent looks to be a hexagon so we presume their given measurements mean: Length 7.2ft (220cm) x Width 4.3ft (132cm) x Height 3.6ft (110cm) where the Width dimension is likely the width of the inner, and the Length and Height dimensions are probably referring to the outer. We will find out soon – we have just purchased one so we can actually measure it for ourselves.

OneTigris Cosmitto backpacking tent dimensions

7001 Aluminium Alloy

Outer: 20D plaid ripstop polyester with YKK® Zippers
Inner: 40D nylon mesh upper with 75D nylon bathtub floor

Outer: 1500mm HH
Bathtub floor: HH not given

Some testing will reveal how it performs in the rain. With a HH of 1500mm it may struggle to keep people dry in the UK for 3 seasons.


Inner or outer pitch first?

2 entrances
2 organizer pockets
1 light attachment point
Hexagonal shaped tent to give stability and good wind resistance

Package currently includes:
Outer flysheet
Tent poles x3
Guy lines x4
Tent pegs x10
Stuff sack

Coyote Brown

OneTigris Cosmitto backpacking tent inner



Is the launch of the OneTigris Cosmitto backpacking tent a move by OneTigris to position themselves firmly in the backpacking market? Who knows, but this looks like a great tent and given the affordable price it’s likely to be popular. We are really looking forward to trying it. Note, the Cosmitto is also included in our budget 2 person wild-camping tents article which gives a round-up of the best 2 person budget tents on the market that are perfect for wild-camping and short backpacking trips.

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