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OneTigris Rock Fortress

OneTigris Rock Fortress

If you’re looking for a spacious hot-tent with bags of room, then it’s worth checking out the OneTigris Rock Fortress. The OneTigris Rock Fortress is a single skin, 10 sided, tipi hot-tent with two doors and a single central pole. It comes with a stove jack and snow skirt – perfect for camping on those long winter nights.

OneTigris Rock Fortress overview and features

OneTigris say the Rock Fortress can sleep 4 to 6 people. We reckon this is pushing it a bit. It may be feasible without a stove, but even then, it would be really cramped with 6 people plus all their gear inside (which does have to be taken into account, particularly in winter, when gear cannot really be left outside). We would say 4 people at most without a stove, and up to 2 people with a stove. It would be huge for just one person, but if you’re camping for a few days in winter and have perhaps your dog and a stove, then this tent would provide some luxurious space.

One thing we like about this tent is that there are two doors. That is quite unique for this type of hot-tent and is really useful. For one thing it gives great ventilation and allows you to regulate the temperature in the tent. Another benefit is that if there are a number of people in the tent they can use different doors if necessary. Having two doors also means that if the incoming weather changes direction you have the option of opening the tent at the other side.

The OneTigris Rock Fortress does not come with an inner and as far as we know, there isn’t one available. For some, this is a negative. However, the Rock Fortress is being promoted as a true hot-tent, for use with a stove. OneTigris do not recommend using an inner at the same time as using a stove with any of their hot-tents, for obvious safety reasons. Also, the lack of an inner leaves you with more space and you can easily fit in two cots plus a stove.

Having just one central pole means the tent can be set up by one person, which is great for such a spacious tent.

Rock Fortress

Let’s check out the spec:

OneTigris Rock Fortress spec

Coyote Brown

Number of people
OneTigris say it is a 4-6 person tent. We say 4 people without a stove and 1-2 people with a stove.

4, particularly if used with a stove. Without a stove it would be a cold tent in winter. It is single skin – there is no ground sheet or inner – so in winter it would be chilly. The tent does reach the ground though, and there is a snow skirt, so drafts from the bottom of the tent shouldn’t be a problem.

Diameter: 3.8m (12.4ft)
Height: 2.4m (7.8ft)

OneTigris Rock Fortress dimensions

4.2kg (9.2lbs)

This tent is a single skin tipi made from 70D nylon.

Aluminium alloy

3000mm HH

Pack size
58cm x 20cm (22.8” x 7.8”)

Stove jack
Pre-cut with an 8.4cm (3.3”) opening. This is compatible with the OneTigris Tiger Roar stove and other stoves that use a similar sized stove pipe.

Doors and vents
2 doors. There are also two top vents to further increase ventilation.

Pack includes
Tent, 24 tent pegs, 10 guy lines, 1 tent pole, stove jack and a stuff sack. At the time of writing there is no inner or footprint/groundsheet available for this tent.

OneTigris Rock Fortress – Price Checker

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OneTigris Rock Fortress alternatives

So there you have it – the OneTigris Rock Fortress hot-tent. Great for small groups or couples to enjoy winter camping with a stove… a palace of a tent for one person. It appears to be a well made tent with well thought out features and a great spec for the price. You could think of the Rock Fortress as the big brother to OneTigris’s Iron Wall or Smokey Hut hot-tents. We did an article featuring these smaller tents a while ago, so if you’re interested in a hot-tent that may be more suitable for a solo camper check out our OneTigris Smokey Hut vs Iron Wall article. As a final point, remember that if you do use a stove with this tent, or with any tent, you should always have a carbon monoxide alarm with you, and we would also recommend you keep some ventilation open to provide a flow of fresh air to the tent.

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