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OneTigris Tetra 130 vs 160

OneTigris Tetra 130 vs 160

The OneTigris Tetra is a single pole tent designed for wild-camping, backpacking and bushcraft. There are two editions of this tent – the Tetra 130 and the Tetra 160, both of which are budget-friendly, lightweight, waterproof, spacious and well built. So what’s the key differences between the OneTigris Tetra 130 vs 160? Today we’re going to find out.

Both Tetra editions feature a single pole design that is easy to set up and they come with a compression sack for easy packing and transportation. The Tetra 130 is designed for one person and their gear, while the Tetra 160 is designed for one to two persons and their gear. However, we feel the 160 is still only suitable for 1 person, albeit with a little more space than the 130. You could get two people in, but it would be a squeeze.

Let’s check out the specs, key differences and the prices of the OneTigris Tetra 130 vs 160:

OneTigris Tetra 130 vs 160 – key differences

  • OneTigris Tetra 130 is cheaper
  • OneTigris Tetra 130 is smaller – useful for when you want to quickly pitch a shelter in a tight space. You could then use a bivy for extra protection. 
  • OneTigris Tetra 130 is lighter and takes up less pack space than the 160, so if size and weight really matters to you, then the 130 could be a good option.
  • OneTigris Tetra 130 has a snow skirt – the Tetra 160 does not.
  • OneTigris Tetra 160 has a floor and mesh inner which is fixed and non-removable. If you’re camping anywhere where bugs are a problem, or you just like the added protection of being inside an inner tent with a floor, the OneTigris Tetra 160 is probably the way to go.
  • OneTigris Tetra 160 is bigger and is therefore the better choice for tall people (more on this later).
  • OneTigris Tetra 160 comes with a pole. Remember, this adds to the weight, especially if you’re carrying trekking poles anyway. You’ll need to use a trekking pole (or stick) with the 130 and you can just use a trekking pole with the 160 too, if you use them anyway. If you don’t use trekking poles, then having a pole included in the price (as with the Edition 160) is useful. Also, you may want to use your trekking poles to hold the door up with the OneTigris Tetra 160 and simply use the included aluminium pole for supporting the tent.

OneTigris Tetra 130 vs 160 – price comparison

OneTigris Tetra 130 – CHECK PRICE on AMAZON UK

OneTigris Tetra 130 – CHECK PRICE on AMAZON US

OneTigris Tetra 160 – CHECK PRICE on AMAZON UK

OneTigris Tetra 160 – CHECK PRICE on AMAZON US

OneTigris Tetra vents and air circulation

OneTigris Tetra 130 tent
OneTigris Tetra 130 tent

This is where the OneTigris Tetra comes into its own, in comparison to other single skin tents. There are the usual vents in the roof of the tent, plus both tents feature the floor vents at the back, thus raising the back of the tent. This is a pretty unique feature that should help with airflow – keeping you cool in hot weather and reducing condensation in the colder months. The design of the back floor vents is such that if there is any condensation forming, it will run down and drip outside the shelter – helping to keep you and your gear dry.

Pitching the OneTigris Tetra

We love the shape of the Tetra tipi tent. Having a square shape (from above) means it’s really easy to pitch and doesn’t require lots of adjustments that you may have to do with a hexagon shaped tipi. You just peg out the four corners and pop the pole in place. After then tightening each corner you’re done. Remember, the pole is included with the OneTigris Tetra 160, but no pole is included with the Tetra 130 – you’ll need to use a trekking pole or stick.

Is the OneTigris Tetra good for tall people?

OneTigris Tetra 160 tent
OneTigris Tetra 160 tent

We would say yes, it is a pretty good choice for those over 6’. The vertical venting at the bottom of the tent effectively raises the part of the tent that starts sloping, so even when you’re on a sleeping mat, you should still be ok. We would probably recommend tall people go for the Tetra 160 edition since it is also a bit bigger and has a better peak height (160cm high as opposed to 130cm high on the Tetra 130 edition).

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OneTigris Tetra 130 vs 160 – summary

So that’s our OneTigris Tetra 130 vs 160 comparison – hopefully it’s been of use. These are going to be popular tents, for sure. They are well made, lightweight, waterproof, spacious and easy to pitch. The main differences between the two tents are that the OneTigris Tetra 160 is bigger, has a pole included and comes with a mesh inner (including built in floor). This alone probably makes the 160 the better choice for most campers – particularly in places like Scotland, where the dreaded midge can be a real nuisance. If you’re looking for a new shelter for your adventures this year, the OneTigris Tetra is definitely a tent you should check out as they offer excellent value for money.

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