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The best camping pillow

The best camping pillow

We did an article a few months ago that covered the Trekology Aluft 2.0 Inflatable Camping Pillow spec. We thought that was one of the best camping pillows around… until we came across the Trekology Aluft Deluxe camping pillow. This could well be the best camping pillow available – it’s an absolute cracker and takes the Trekology Aluft 2.0 to another level. Let’s check out the spec of the Deluxe and then give the key differences between the Aluft Deluxe and the Aluft 2.0:

The best camping pillow – Trekology Aluft Deluxe

What does it cost?

120g (4.2 oz)

Lightweight inflatable camping pillow with a comfortable ergonomic design

Inflated dimensions:
Length 40.5cm (16”) x Width 28cm (11”) x Thickness 10cm (4”)

Trekology Aluft Deluxe dimensions

Pack size:
15.2cm x 10cm (6” × 4”)

TPU core.
Pillowcase with foam padding

Washable pillowcase:

The Aluft Deluxe camping pillow has Trekology’s click button air valve which makes the pillow easy to inflate with just a few breaths. It’s also quick and easy to deflate too.

Pillow strap:
There is a detachable pillow strap to secure the pillow to your camping mat. There’s nothing worse than losing your pillow at night – the strap stops that happening.

Stuff sack:
There is a nice little stuff sack included which remains attached to the pillow so you don’t lose it in all your camping clutter. It simply tucks away at the back of the pillow.

Trekology Aluft Deluxe features

Where is it designed and made?
Designed in Oregon USA and manufactured in China

Where can I buy it?

At a glance – Differences between the Trekology Aluft Deluxe camping pillow and the Trekology Aluft 2.0 Camping Pillow

  • The Aluft Deluxe has the soft luxurious pillow case that should make it more comfortable to sleep on than the Aluft 2.0.
  • The Aluft Deluxe weighs slightly more than the Aluft 2.0. It’s a weight difference you’re unlikely to notice though.
  • The Aluft Deluxe is not quite as wide as the Aluft 2.0. (The length and thickness are the same.) We think this is a good thing. People generally don’t use the upper section of a pillow – you may as well save the space.
  • The Aluft Deluxe has a slightly bigger pack size than the Aluft 2.0. Who cares though, it’s still tiny.
  • The Aluft Deluxe has a removable pillow case that’s washable. The Aluft 2.0 doesn’t.

It’s easy to see why many believe the Trekology Aluft Deluxe pillow is the best camping pillow available. It looks super comfy, lightweight, washable and budget friendly.

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