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Trekology UL50 sleeping pad

Trekology UL50 sleeping pad

We have discussed the Trekology UL80 and UL140 sleeping pads in previous articles, however, we have not given a detailed spec of the Trekology UL50 sleeping pad – until now. If you love the UL80 but want something even lighter, check out the spec below, it could be just what you’re looking for.

Trekology UL50 sleeping pad spec

Trekology UL50 sleeping pad inflated


450g (16oz). That’s quite a weight saving on the UL80 which comes in at 750g (26.5oz)

Ultralight inflatable sleeping mat

Inflated dimensions:
Length: 191cm (75.2”) x Width: 58 cm (22.8”) x Depth: 5cm (2”)

Trekology UL50 sleeping pad dimensions

Pack size:
20.3cm (8”) x 10.2cm (4”)

There is conflicting information provided by Trekology. It says 75D in their product description and 40D on the product images – and that’s on their own website and on their Amazon listing. That’s quite a difference. Unfortunately we don’t know which figure is correct.

R value:
1.3 to 1.5

Where is it designed and made?
Designed in Oregon USA and manufactured in China

Where can I buy it?

Final thoughts:

  • For an ultralight inflatable sleeping pad, this is big. Many ultralight pads cut off at the knees, have holes cut out or are annoyingly narrow in a bid to save weight. However, the UL50’s dimensions ensure you’ll fit on the pad, even if you’re tall.
  • Like the UL80 and UL140, the Trekology UL50 sleeping pad curves up at the sides.
  • This is a sleeping pad that’s perhaps only to be used in summer. There is no insulation, so there’s a danger that you will be freezing in the winter if this is all you’re laying on.
  • Relating to the above point, as with most ultralight sleeping pads, you would be well advised to use a thin foam pad or something under the UL50… you don’t want to find you have a thorn or something in the pad during the night. Many people believe it’s good practice to carry a second protective foam pad anyway, particularly in winter, not only to increase warmth and protect the inflatable mat, but also to have something to get you through the night should the inflatable pad fail for whatever reason. Foam pads tend to be really cheap and weigh very little. If you’re winter camping then having one which is foil backed to reflect the heat, may be useful too.

If you’re considering the Trekology UL50 sleeping pad then you might want to also check out the Trekology pillows that match it perfectly. Check out our articles on the Trekology Aluft 2.0 and the Trekology Aluft Deluxe camping pillows.

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