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Zelter Shelter spec – poncho, tent and tarp combo

Zelter Shelter

The Zelter Shelter has been around a while now. However, some useful upgrades were made in 2020, which improve waterproofing, strength and comfort – so we thought it’s a good time to detail the Zelter Shelter spec.

In case you’re not familiar with the Zelter Shelter, it’s a versatile, wearable shelter – a poncho, tent, tarp combo that is a real option for wild camping, backpacking and bushcraft adventures.

Zelter Shelter

The Zelter Shelter wears like a poncho, which can then easily be turned into a diamond-shaped tarp or an inflatable, freestanding 1-person tent. So there are no tent poles or walking poles to carry. There are quite a few options and configurations, whether you want a tent, lean-to, tarp to cover your hammock, etc.

Zelter Shelter wearable shelter

Zelter Shelter spec:

1 person tent: 2.3m long x 1.1m wide x 1m high
Tarp: approximately 3.5m x 3.5m


Wearable size:
One size

10,000mm HH

Pack size:
35cm x 15cm

Built-in, inflatable

Taped and seam sealed

Now, you may not be familiar with a breathability rating, but there are a couple of ways of measuring it. RET is one of them and stands for Resistance to Evaporating heat Transfer. The lower the RET, the better the breathability. A RET of 30+ is not breathable at all and would be pretty uncomfortable, to say the least. A RET of under 6 is classed as extremely breathable. The Zelter Shelter has a very respectable breathability RET rating of 12, which is classed as breathable and comfortable.

Quality standards:
Made to ISO 9001:2008 quality standards

2020 Improvements:

The improvements aim to enhance the waterproofing, strength and comfort of the Zelter Shelter and include:

  • New upgraded rain flaps covering the door and hood zips.
  • More space at the narrow end of the shelter giving increased foot/leg room, along with more space for your kit.
  • New tie down points that have been welded and sealed.

Where can I buy it?

You can buy directly from Zelter Shelter, however, it is cheaper if you buy from Amazon.

We hope this Zelter Shelter spec has provided all the info you need in order to decide whether to buy. It’s a great bit of kit – versatile and ideal for many situations. Instead of carrying a waterproof jacket and a tarp or tent, you can throw this into your backpack knowing that whatever the weather, you’ll have a breathable rain jacket and shelter.

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